If you are viewing the message in Outlook:

  1. If you haven't already, you will need to install the Report Message button. To do this, click the "Browse Add-ins" button on the toolbar (it looks like a red grid with a plus symbol at the top-right) and then search for "Report Message". In the search results, click the Add button on the "Report Message by Microsoft Corporation" card.
  2. In the Inbox, select the message to be reported. Then click the More Options icon (looks like 3 dots) on the toolbar, select Report Message, and then select Phishing. 

If you are viewing the message in the Microsoft 365 web portal:

  1. In the Inbox, right-click on the message.
  2. Then click "Security options", click "Phishing", and then click "Report".

Click the link below for more information on phishing scams: